Find the Key to True Happiness in 5-Weeks by Vicki Breneman

Find the Key to True Happiness in 5-Weeks


Are You Happy? Are You Sure?

 If you want to live a happier life what would you have to do differently? 
Does it  seem like the things that made you happy in the past don't make  happy anymore, what’s going on?

The unhappy people I know, and I know several, are always looking for happiness in all the wrong places.

  • Many think money would be the answer to their prayers
  • If they could just lose weight and be in shape!
  • Constantly comparing their lives to others who seem to have it all
  • Be in a relationship where their partner made them happy
  • And the list goes on

I admit I may have not always been focused on the right things to live a happier life,  so I know what it feels like to be in a constant pursuit of happiness

We ALL want to BE happy and more importantly, if we could be granted one wish for our children, it would be to be happy.

I have also started watching people who I know to be happy, and I found people who are truly happy KNOW what makes their lives so fulfilled, and they can tell me!

What I have discovered, and firmly believe, is that we can be happier and make others happier with the actions we take and how we approach life each day.

The best news? Happiness is FREE.

This course is now available and I invite you to enroll today.

Take the Challenge

How This Works

Each week for the next 5 - Weeks you will begin a new Module (Lesson) that will focus on specific behaviors that when practiced have been proven to make people happier.

Each week-long lesson includes an assignment for you to complete. IMPORTANT: Don't shorten or skip the assignments.

What to Expect

I will provide you with a toolkit of strategies you can try and then evaluate what effect each strategy has on your feeling of happiness. 

Sounds simple, right?
Good news- it is.

Part of your assignment each day will be to reflect on your day with short written responses. I can’t stress enough how important it is you not skip this step.

Hopefully you will be inspired to think of more opportunities that will kick up your happiness and the happiness of people around you.

What's included?

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Everything You Need To Be Happy

Materials for Happiness
Key to Happiness Challenge Workbook
Key to Happiness Challenge Workbook - Google Docs.pdf
10.5 MB
Happiness Tips Checklist.pdf
477 KB
Introduction to Finding Happiness
My Thoughts On Happiness
How This Works & What Will Happen to You?
Measure Your Baseline Happiness Quizzes
Week 1: Gratitude
Gratitude Lesson
Your Gratitude Challenge
Week 2: Kindess
Kindness Lesson
Your Kindness Challenge
Week 3: Social Connections
Being Social Lesson
Being Social Challenge
Week 4: Mindfulness
Mindfulness Lesson
Mindfulness Challenge
Week 5: Valuing Time
Valuing Time Lesson
Valuing Time Challenge
Congratulations! You Have completed the Finding the Key to True Happiness Challenge!
How Happy are NOW? Let's Re-take the Quizzes.
Bringing It All Together
Resources For Happiness

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