How To Organize Your Life With Apple Notes by Vicki Breneman

How To Organize Your Life With Apple Notes



Are your files and lists a disconnected mess and stored all over the place?
I know mine were.
I love the idea of having an organization system that keeps all my documents, lists, and reminders all in one place so I can find what I need when I need it, and know everything is safely stored.

Each time I tried a new app or software, I ended up frustrated because I still had files in too many places.

• I had papers in files in my kitchen basket, file cabinets and drawers.
• I had files in Google Docs, Word, Evernote, Trello- all at the same time.
• I wanted an organization system where I can keep everything from my to-do lists to tax documents all in one place!
• I was tired of searching for files and lost documents.

Then, a few months ago, I stumbled across an article that talked about Apple Notes being very underrated as an organizer.
I have always used Notes as a place to keep reminders, lists, etc, but not a filing system.
So, I gave it a try and am so happy I did.

Now I have files, notes, lists, links, documents all perfectly organized in one place - Apple Notes.
I decided to put what I learned into lessons that would help you design your own personalized digital filing system.

In this 5 module course, I've included everything you will need including:

• How to organize everything from grocery lists to bank statements all in Notes.
• The basics of how to use Notes and how to use all the amazing features it offers.
• How to scan documents and pictures right from Notes.
• How to organize all of your files and folders so everything is easy to find.
• To share and collaborate with others
• To lock and password protect all information you want secure.

Are you ready to take control of your digital life?
This course is for you.

How to Organize Your Digital Life is now open, and I invite you to enroll today! 


What's included?

Video Icon 22 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 1 text file
Module 1: Introducing Apple Notes
Just a Quick Note Before You Start
Lesson 1- Introduction
3 mins
Lesson 2: Get Started With Notes
4 mins
Lesson 3: Making New Notes & Lists
7 mins
Lesson 4: Editing Lists & Notes
5 mins
Lesson 5.1: Preferences on a Mac
7 mins
Lesson 5.2 Preferences on Mobile Device
2 mins
Module 2: Organizing Folders
Lesson 6: Create New Folders
4 mins
Lesson 7: Organizing Your Folders
3 mins
Naming Your Folders
123 KB
Lesson 8: Synching to iCloud
2 mins
Module 3: Time to Make Lists
Lesson 9.1: Checklists, Bulleted & Numbered Lists
5 mins
9.2 Checklists and More on a Mobile Device
4 mins
pinning & Floating 10.mp4
3 mins
Lesson 11: Create Lists, Lists, and More Lists
3 mins
List Suggestions & Ideas
127 KB
Lesson 12: Where Did I Put That List?
4 mins
Module 4: Advanced Organizing Digital Files
Lesson 13: Sharing & Collaborating with Notes
4 mins
Sharing on a Mobile Device
2 mins
Lesson 14: Scan EVERYTHING!
6 mins
Scanning Documents to Notes
240 KB
Signing Documents In Notes
189 KB
Lesson 15: Adding Photos to Notes
4 mins
Lesson 16: Scanning Receipts and Screenshots
5 mins
Module 5: More Fun Stuff
Lesson 17: Password Protect & Locking Notes
5 mins
Lesson 18: Add Documents and Maps to Notes
5 mins
How Siri Can Help
221 KB
Let's Sum it Up!
1 min

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