But, I’m curious, do you think weight loss diets work? 
You have tried quite a few, right?

Truth is, yes they do. There is no doubt, some may be harder to follow or live through than others, but they do work. 
If you follow exactly what you are told by the diet gurus, you will lose weight.

You already know your chances of not regaining your lost weight are slim to none.
I don’t need to tell you that.

Back in the day, I even starved myself and ate one meal a day all the time, and so did my friends!
Did it work? 
Well, yes, but then we were told we were hurting our metabolism because we were not eating the most important meal of the day - Breakfast. 

Yet, the diet industry continues to be a multi-billion dollar industry with countless new diets coming out about every month.
How many times have you started a new diet to just hear there is a better one now and yours is going to ruin your health?  - I rest my case.

When you go on a regimented diet, you are not in control of what you eat or when you eat, or how much you eat.

However, when you take control of these things yourself with the right mindset and knowledge your chances of long-term weight loss vastly increase.

I have come to the conclusion the insanity with diets and weight loss will never ever end, so I'm jumping off the diet merry-go-round.

How To Be In Control Of Your Diet- 28 Day Challenge

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